Gabi von Seltmann

Directing, production, interdisciplinary art


About me

born 1971 in southeast Poland, is an interdisciplinary artist and animator of culture. Using various art forms, she seeks to answer questions about memory, identity and the implications of history. After studying in Krakow and Aix en Provence/France she has brought her linguistic and artistic skills to bear in international film productions and she worked with renowned directors. The search for her family roots has led her together with Uwe through half of Europe: from southern France to eastern Galicia in Ukraine. The result of the research is to be read in the books “Todleben“, “Gabi i Uwe“, “How Love Can Heal the Past”. Since 2015 she has been working on the project, concert „Ginczanka - Fire bird“ which is inspired by the timeless poetry of Zuzanna Ginczanka (1917-1944).

Gabriela’s last project consists in the virtual, multimedia “RECONSTRUCTION” of the Great Synagogue in Warsaw, demolished by Germans 16.04.1943 after the Ghetto Uprising. This reconstructed Synagogue symbolically reintegrate this great building into Warsaw’s city map and revieve and relight our memories of Warsaw’s pre-war vanished Jewish community. During the projection appears the word LOVE ליבע because only remembrance and love ליבע can conquer death and destruction!